Affordable low-code platform for extremely powerful business solutions


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Problem: IT solutions for SMEs systems  require skillful developers like: DevOps, governance, compliance, backwards compatibility, programmers, device compatibility, cloud scalability, data optimization, and security etc.

Solution: DIY solution with drug&drop tools which allows to create any commonly used blocks on the go. Low-code extention makes any feature possible as it would be with the plain code development.
Affordable pricing is available with SaaS approach.

Therefore it gets quite expansive in terms of time, money and managing.

Creatium is:

Creatium is:

1) Over 300 built-in templates for SMEs needs;
2) Documented API;
3) Monthly functionality updates;
4) All-in-one solution: Design, hosting, programming, support, domain issues;
5) Fast growing community of creatium developers who are ready to help with any task;
6) Unlimited possibilities with plain code blocks.

Creatium is low-code platform which evolved from DIY websites builder. That is why creatium is super easy-to-use and has powerful functions for whatever the users may need.

Creatium is ranked among 5 DIY builders in Russia. International expansion will go with low-code strategy. Creatium should target developers at first, as they will boost the sales and spread the word among SME owners.

SaaS business model, starting at $9 per month
with the most powerful package at $485 per month

Current average monthly revenue = $35 000 with only $9 per month option

Active users growth (weekly)

Traffic sources
CTR (visitos to registration is 12-13%)


8 full-time team members (3 programmers, 2 designers, 1 test engineer, 2 support staff),
the other team members are part-time

Creatium - affordable low-code platform for extremely powerful business solutions